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 Welcome Last Update: 02/01/2005

Hello, and welcome to not.planetranch.com. I am Matt, and I own planetranch.com. Planet Ranch has a pretty specific theme, which prevents me from adding any content that isn't ranch related. Soooo, I decided to start a new site where I could post other things that interest me, and here we are. Rather than come up with (and pay for) a new domain name, I decided to create this subdomain of Planet Ranch. Since it's a part of the Planet Ranch domain, but it's not Planet Ranch, not.planetranch.com made the most sense. I hope you enjoy the site.

What's inside:

Home - You are there now. Nothing more to see, move along.

Web Cams - Some local web cams and a weather thingy.

Unknown - Even I don't know.

Images - Images of mine and people I know.

Links - Links to friend's sites and other sites that I like.

What's New

New Photos!

Check out new photos from our trip to Disneyland and Arizona at the Photo Gallery.

New Web Cams

Added a Mt. Saint Helens cam to the Web Cams section. Check it out here!


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